Finding An Import Car Repair Specialist Continued

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My previous post outlined some tips for the initial search for a trusted import car care specialist, but that’s not where the process of elimination stops. Once you’ve narrowed the field down, there are still a few things you should look for to determine if an import car repair shop is the right one for you and your vehicle. The following advice is to help import car owners determine if the import car repair service they are trying out is worthy of their repeat business.

Once the time for maintenance or repair comes, don’t forget to:

After an experience with any new import car repair shop you are using for the first time, you should take a moment to consider how you felt dealing with their service technicians, how you were treated, how helpful they were, and of course how reasonable the final total was given the work that was done. With that in mind, you can decide whether to keep looking or stick with the same shop. Sometimes it can take a while to find an import car repair specialist that you trust with the care of your car, but once you’ve established that relationship, you will have greater peace of mind.

For those in the Northwest Arkansas area, my personal recommendation is Best Import Car Repair located in Springdale, AR. I lived there for 4 years prior to moving to Seoul recently, and I have always had a fantastic experience with them. Visit their website at to learn more.

Finding An Import Car Repair Specialist You Can Trust

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As promised, today’s post will be about finding a reputable and high quality import car repair shop in your area. I have been through the frustration of dealing with dishonest or incompetent technicians, and I can tell you it is absolutely worth doing your homework in advance to avoid these encounters. Not only will you be paying top dollar for subpar service, but there is also no telling what kind of repercussions the shoddy workmanship may have on your import car in the future. It is not worth the risk to hand your vehicle over to unqualified technicians just to save a few dollars, or avoid asking some simple questions. I am not by any stretch of the imagination a demanding or high maintenance person by nature – quite the opposite actually. But when it comes to my Audi, I am a protective owner. And from my experience, it is possible to strike a balance between being a friendly, easy going customer and being an informed customer with a set of standards.

If you have recently moved to a new area, or have recently acquired an import car and have not yet found a trustworthy repair shop, I am asking you to please not put the task off until you have a problem. By then, it is too late to take the proper time to do your research and ask around as you will most likely be stressed out and in a rush. That is exactly how bad decisions are made. So while you have the luxury of time on your side, get this out of the way with.

Don’t let yourself get taken for a ride. Here’s how to find a trustworthy import car care specialist in your area:

Stay tuned for part 2 to this post!

Adventure, Wanderlust & Cars

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These three words describe my joy, passion, and calling in life. For as long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by the thought of travel and exploring every continent on Earth – yes, even Antarctica. Perhaps even more so, however, I loved cars. Before I was old enough to know better, I had a very poorly thought out plan to drive around the world in a race car. Now that I am old enough to know how many holes that plan had, my goals are a little bit different. Nevertheless, I ultimately still plan to see the world and drive fast cars, and because of my flexible job, I am in a unique position to be able to fulfill both those dreams.

As of writing this, my job has brought me to Seoul where I will be working for the next 18 months. is where I will blog about my adventures here in Korea, as well as post my tips on import car repairs. Cars have always been more than a passing interest or hobby for me, and throughout my many years working on import cars both during my own spare time and professionally, I have learned a few things that I would love to share with my fellow import car enthusiasts. In all honesty, this is also a way for me to keep myself busy while I’m away from my own Audi TT.

This being my first week in Seoul, I have mostly been getting settled in and adjusting to the time difference. There aren’t very many adventures to report as of yet, so we’ll move on to my other favorite topic: import cars! No matter where I am or what I am doing, that’s one thing that I can always talk about. It doesn’t exactly make the ladies come flocking, but hey, my heart already belongs to my car anyways. Keep checking back for my upcoming posts about how to find a trustworthy import car repair shop, as well as other helpful information for the care and maintenance of your beloved vehicle.

I’ll finish this post with a few friendly reminders for my fellow import car owners and enthusiasts.



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